Making Movies


I have a secret dream of someday making an amazingly cool, super successful movie. Okay, actually it’s not really a “secret” dream, but it is a dream.

Until I can live out my dream, I like to practice by trying to make what some might refer to as “amateur home movies,” but I like to call “Independent short films.”

This weekend, we were shooting what will be a 61-second short film that we plan to enter in 101.9 The End’s “Really, Really, Really Short Film Festival.” Mikal Belicove of the Beli-Blog showed up to snap some photos of the shoot. I really like them ‘cause I think the cool camera makes me look like I know what I’m doing, so I wanted to take the opportunity to post a few of them here.

I need to read over the terms and conditions of the contest to make sure it’s allowed, but if so, I’ll post the film on YouTube when we’re done.

Until then, enjoy the pics!

Setting the White Balance on the Camera
(L to R: Me, Wes, Jake)

Me, Directing. Wes ready with Boom.

L to R: Elwon, Wes, Me

L to R: Wes, Me, Elwon, Jake

We have the coolest camera. Doba rocks!

A cool shot of all our reflections in the doors.
(L to R: Me, Jake, Mikal, Elwon, Wes)

Linda Winegar

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