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Wow, somehow committing to post at least three times a month seems to make the months go by way faster… or maybe it’s just that this month has been really busy.

Among many other things, we’ve finally decided to sell our house and get out of the Ranches. Check out the sweet site [well picture of it, because it's been sold] Linda made to help us sell the house: [right here on www.winegarfamily.com but obviously has been changed because it's been sold.]

To be honest, it’s kind of bittersweet ‘cause we really like our house here and our neighbors and the area we live in, but the drive in and out just got to be unbearable. The fact that our new house will be 5 minutes from work and 5 minutes from the freeway makes it a lot more sweet than bitter I guess. Like a chocolate covered coffee bean—only instead of just a thin coating of chocolate, the bean is inside a 2 pound brick of chocolate.

We’re building, so we won’t be moving into our new house until late November or December, but hopefully we’ll sell our house way before that and move into an apartment for a few months. Either way, at least there’s a light at the end of the tunnel now.
If you know anyone that enjoys being stuck in traffic for long periods of time, or that works from home or somewhere near Eagle Mountain, please let them know there’s a great home for sale. :)

[post updated on Jan 2007]

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