Fitness Challenge


06 028

This picture is of Clark sticking his belly out like Nacho Libre at the Doba Movie Night watching Nacho Libre the movie. Taken on June 16th. I think this is why Clark wanted to initiate the Fitness Challenge. Doba is having a Fitness Challenge to see who can gain the most muscle and loose the most % body fat. Clark is heading it up because it was his idea and it goes for 3 months and each month we are evaluated and our points are tallied up. At the end the winner gets $800+, 2nd is $310 and 3rd is $145. All others which placed up to 15th place will receive $20.00. All participants receive a T-shirt. Cost to enter the challenge is $10.00 per person and is only for Doba employees (with the exception of myself, because I was an employee and still go to eBay Live).
So we'll see who wins.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.