Finn's fast approaching...


... his 1st birthday!


  • He's wearing size 4 sneakers but hardly wears them because they are a bit tight on the top. He's got some really cute but chunky feet.

  • Wearing size 18months - 2T clothing. Varies by store. LOL

  • Walks a lot and seems like he wants to run. Like 10 steps at a time. Was crawling from one place to another to help himself stand up, but now he's just walking the distance until he can get his balance to move to the next place. Wow!

  • Likes to grab onto the wall as he walks. So cute! Reminds me of when I was first roller skating, I'd be the one holding on to the wall.

  • Has been wearing a shirt and tie (which his Grandma & Great Grandma made for him) to Church 98% of the time. I say that because there were a couple accidents. LOL

  • Still loves to watch Bolt.

  • Can push a little car around the floor.

  • Can wave toys in front of Plato to make Plato play with them.

  • Has had the same bedtime routine since he's been born. With slight alterations of course. #2, then bath, reading, prayer, milk (more reading) and sleep.

  • He can drink a bottle before going to bed now. He's such a big boy!!!! Actually, the transition was so quick... I didn't even realize it but the 3rd of Jan 2010 was the last night of nursing. I wish I could get 1 more, I didn't realize it was going to be my last night until he threw up that night and it was then when we decided to just give him a bottle the following night. We thought it was weird. (so sad...I'm actually tearing up). Luckily he still gets 1 nursing a day, before nap time. Oh man.. I can't even believe I am going to miss nursing. LOL It was the hardest thing ever. It takes a lot longer to get "used" to nursing, than everyone says. I was not a natural and Finn always wanted to be in his favorite rocking/swivel chair in his room or he wouldn't eat. But once I accepted that we were all good.

  • Loves to help mom "wash" the dishes. Can't wait till his chore is to wash all the dishes. We'll have to go to all plastic then, cause I am sure he's going to be clumsier than mom. If any glasses, mugs or dishes are broken it's because of me. But I'd rather break them than wash them anyways, then you have less to wash, right?

  • Still likes his swing.

  • Pushes a little cart thingy and thinks it's the best toy ever. Thank you Abraham & Vanessa!

  • Clark can magically get Finn to fall asleep while in church. I can only do it with a bottle. That's awesome!

  • Has grown a mustache! LOL just kidding, it's adhesive backed felt! Thanks for letting me know Melissa!

  • Knows how to growl like a Lion.

  • Can give high fives, especially to Dad, who taught him how to do it. He's a great dad, teaching him those guy things.

  • Loves it when other people talk with him.

  • Sometimes puts his little arms together to remind us to pray or to say another prayer in case we forgot to thank/bless something/someone. This is totally cute and just melts my heart.

  • Knows "arms up," "clap," and sometimes, "wave."

  • Holds out a toy to show you that he's got a toy, sometimes shares it and sometimes cries if he was just trying to show you.

  • Understands Night-Night and repeats it if you say it to him when he's supposed to be sleeping. Like he knows but just doesn't want to go to sleep. LOL

"Finn, you're an amazing son, and Mom and Dad are so proud of you and your accomplishments. You've exceeded all of our expectations (not that we even had any because we're overjoyed to even have you in our family) and added your own fun to everything. We're so blessed to have such a positive and happy child. We never thought we could you this much, yet, everyday we love you even more. We're excited for your 1st birthday and we know you'll love to switch the car seat to forward-facing. You're going to love the new view! Thanks for being so funny, cute and tall. :) Finny you make every second of our life worth living.

We love you Finny!"

I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father for ...

  1. Clark! For letting us keep him a bit longer, cause you know we NEED him. (There being no ice after sliding on ice.)

  2. Finn with his good eating skills! Now we know when he's "all done."

  3. People who like to blog about their daily adventures. i.e. organizing, slow cooking and FHE.

  4. Hymns, cause they seriously make you feel better when you sing them or listen to them, wherever you are.

  5. Hooks, cause I can use them for everything!

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Wow Linda, I can't believe it. Where has the time gone? Congratulations on making it through the 1st year!

  2. You should check out Target for shoe options. The Ministar shoes with leather bottoms and the Skidders (like sock boots with rubber soles) are great for the learning to walk crowd. My nephew wore the ministars for most of last summer - easy to get on and easy for him to walk in.

    He is such a cute kid! His smile is adorable. :)

  3. That year went by fast! Finn is such a handsome boy. Happy Birthday soon!!