Our favorite 3 months


Happy 3 Months! I love you more today than yesterday! (isn't that a line in a song? It's so true!) I can't believe we've seen his little face and been with him now for 3 whole months. And we haven't even gotten tired of looking at it. (Like we ever could.) Time flies! I remember way back (LOL feels so long ago, but my body doesn't think so) when I was prego and we were just really anxious to see him, anxious to meet him, anxious to hold him. Now, we get to see him, hold him, snuggle him, kiss him, bathe him, talk to him, listen to him, dress him, change him, wipe him, watch him, stare at him, play with him, smile at him, laugh at him and just love him. It's so wonderful! Sure...I loved those days when I could fold and hang up 1 load of laundry in 10 min or less. Who cares if it takes a couple days now, right? (Not even kidding) It's soooo worth it. Soon, he'll be able to help, but for now we'll get to do all those other things with/for him and enjoy every bit of it all while the loads of laundry pile up on the floor. Hey, at least they're clean!

Here's a few pics of our cute little Finn. Oh and Yes! I finally planted something and it grew. (Probably, because Clark helped me.) We're so proud of "my" Tulips! Because, after all they are mine cause he got them for me, but now we can all enjoy them.


Finn looks like a big kid, just chillin with Mom. He loved being outside for a total of 10 min. Oh, and there's a pic of him in the middle of a sneeze. So cute! Bless you son.

IMG_9034 IMG_9033 IMG_9029 IMG_9050 IMG_9057 IMG_9090


I wonder what he's thinking about. Any ideas?

Order pics of Finn here.

  • I'm thankful for Jesus Christ.

  • I'm thankful for my family.

  • I'm thankful for a helpful husband.

  • I'm thankful for flowers, especially Tulips.

  • I'm thankful for a friends who make time.

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My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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