Flash Back


So, I finally remembered to ask Clark's mom for some baby pictures. I had 1 but I needed infant/newborn pics. Well, I only have 1 pic of when I was an infant/newborn anyways. So here they are! Us when we were babies along with pic of Finn to compare.

Finn looks like Clark:

clark_baby_1 clark_baby_8

IMG_8364.JPG IMG_8372

But has Linda's Hair:

05-26-1980B 05-26-1980

IMG_8409 IMG_8422

What do you think?

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. I LOVE the hair on Linda! Finn sure has Clark's face shape in the same poses, and cheeks. But you look older in your pictures Linda, so maybe in a month or two he will look like you! What a good mix of both Mom and Dad.

  2. HAHA! Okay, I already thought he had some of Clark's features and I believed you about the hair, but that's AMAZING! What a sweet bunch of little people, past and present.:)

  3. he does look just like clark!!! linda- that hair you had is amazing!!

  4. Wow, Finn definitely looks like Clark. But that hair is all Linda!