Long Labor Story


I have had a stuffy nose and a soar throat since Tuesday. On Wednesday morning at about 3:30am I woke up with contractions. They first started about 10 min apart and got to about 3.5 min apart by 3:30am on Thursday morning. So because our Dr. told us that we needed to go into the Hospital if 1. contractions were closer than 5 min, 2. Water broke or 3. Excessive bleeding. So we went in because we met requirement #1. We stayed in the hospital for 1 hour while they monitored me and then said that I hadn't made any progress and still the same as when my Dr. saw me just on Monday. So they sent us home and gave me 2 Percocet for the pain which was not super bad just yet. They said we could come back if 1. Our water broke 2. The pain was really bad or 3. Huge amounts of bleeding. We went home and I tried to get some sleep but woke up after 2 hours and contractions started back up again but worse than before. Now my voice is gone and I have to whisper. Sad. So anyway, I began to endure them again until about 6 pm on Thursday night which was when they started to get really bad. I didn't want to go into the Hospital too early again because I was afraid that they would just send me right back because I am sure to them, I didn't meet any of the criteria. So, I endured it until about midnight (while Clark put away our Christmas decor and organized the house a bit, he's awesome!) and decided it was definitely time to go because I couldn't take the pain anymore. Or at least I didn't really want to. We got to the Hospital and then I had to get monitored again for 1 hr. I was a 3. I decided 1 hour was too long so I had her check me again at 12:45am on Friday and I hadn't changed but my pain was so bad I was crying. Then the nurse told us that because I hadn't changed the Dr. said to just monitor for 30 more min and send me home with a shot of morphine in my tush. What?!! I don't think so. I started to cry even more from the pain and the rest of the pain I would feel. Well, after 30 min I was a 3.5!!! So my Dr. said to admit me to the hospital and get me the Epidural. Yippy! I need to give him a present. Anyways, we finally got the Epidural at about 3am and I was no longer in pain and I was even able to get some rest. Finally! After not resting for 2 whole days. The Epidural was put in more towards the right side of me so I had to lay on my left. I didn't care, so long as it worked. Anyways, shortly after the Epidural went in at about 3:30am my water broke and I was a 4. Wow, I told those peeps. Well then Clark and I fell asleep. When we awoke at 6am I was still a 5, so they waited some more and at 8m I was a 7. Crazy... That would have taken me 4 weeks if I had done that "naturally." I was seriously going no where "naturally." LOL Then about 9:30am I started pushing and by 10:59am our Baby was born. Wow! What a ride. I'd for sure do it again in a heart beat. :)

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.