Future Babysitter


So, our twin nephews (Finn's Cousins) came to visit Finn today and it looks like Cole is going to make a great Babysitter when he gets older. He's just a few years older than Finn so maybe Jake (twin's older Bro) would be a baby sitter before Cole, but look how cute he is with him.



I know...he doesn't even look related with all of his red hair and pale skin but he definitely is. It's Mommy's fault Finn looks a bit tan, but the dark hair is both from Mom and Dad. :)  It'll be fun to see Finn play with his cousins as he gets older. Thanks for being such a great cousin Cole!

Note: I guess Ty says the boys were calling Finn, "Finny" on their way home. I love it, really cute boys!

Linda Winegar

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  1. I love it that the twins are so into babies. I've seen them being cute with Maddux, and these pictures with Finn are adorable. I have the cutest nephews in the world!