A Few of Finn's Firsts


So, although Finn is only 16 days old he's already had a few "firsts."

1st Smile - He first smiled at Mommy the day he was born. Even if it was just gas smiles. 1-16-2009 But this pic was taken 1-18-2009.


1st Outing - Besides leaving the hospital. Going to the Dr. 1-19-2009


1st Sponge Bath - He actually hated the whole bath experience except for when we poured water over his hair. He calmed right down. However, it doesn't seem that way because we were trying to take a pic and by the time we took it, he started crying again LOL.1-19-2009


1st Bed Time Story - Dad reading Finn a bed time story and  Plato listening too. 1-19-2009


1st Time getting arm our of a Swaddle. 1-23-2009. Dad is the best swaddler ever! Mom has to wake Dad up just after the midnight feeding so he can do his famous 5-6 hour Swaddle at night. So Mom can get at least 1 long stretch of sleep through the night.


1st Time getting completely out of his Swaddle. He's strong! 1-30-2009


Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. I love it! He is still so sweet! I hope we can see Finn this weekend, although I now have a cold, and all 3 kids. I love that you did a post of 1st's. What a strong baby!

  2. I love it! All those firsts :) He's so cute! I so understand the staying at home, it's a bit overwhelming for sure!