Halloween Day 2008


Wow, today was a busy day. These are some things to do on Halloween.

  1. Do work for the Dead, that's right, the best one of all and appropriate too. You guessed it, attend the Temple!

  2. Get Candy! Get Candy! Get Candy! Purchase loads of Candy for the kids.

  3. Put on a costume or disguise.

  4. Dress up your dog.

  5. Make treats

  6. Go to a Potluck Neighborhood Party

  7. Trick-or-Treat with your kids (nope we didn't do this one this year but we saw some cute costumes)

  8. Give Candy out to some kids

  9. Eat Candy

  10. and take lots of pics.

Here's the pics which document today's happenings.


BTW, Will Farrell didn't trick-or-treat at our house, that's Tad! Awesome costume.


Click here to order 4x6 prints or to download a high resolution picture for the pictures shown above.

Linda Winegar

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