BFF from Florida


So my BFF from Florida came to see me. I haven't seen her in 3 years and it was so awesome to spend time with her and catch up on all of our girly things. :) You don't know what's right in your neighborhood until you have someone come to visit you and you want to make it seem like this is a happening place to be. I'm sure we could have just hung out at home and we would have loved that too. But after not seeing her for so long, and being cooped up in the house for 20 weeks, I just wanted to go out and go on little adventures with her and with Clark when he could too.

Things we did that were way fun but that we don't get to do everyday or maybe ever. Sometimes watching movies is all Clark and I do, but we love that too.

  1. Body Worlds Exhibit

  2. Watched a Play at the Hale Center Theater

  3. Eat and shop at a cute Boutique

  4. Browse the mall with your BFF.

  5. Get a Massage

  6. Get a Pedi and a Mani

  7. Drive up the canyon to see the color changes in the trees.

  8. Drive up and look at the pretty city lights and see Santa's reindeer on the way down. LOL

  9. Eat at the Mayan

  10. Have fun while getting lost trying to find an awesome restaurant

  11. Eat at a cute and tasty restaurant. Recommended by Jeremy Hanks' friend who we nicknamed "fancy Phil."

  12. Sing really loud to your fave chic song on the radio with your friend.

  13. Take pics almost everyday

  14. and just hang out when you get tired cause you know it's okay.


Nermin, thanks for coming and visiting us. I miss you! Can't wait to see you again, hopefully in less than 3 years this time. It's our turn for sure. (She's Egyptian and that's why her name is Nermin.)

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.