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Halloween!!! Okay, so these are Quick & Easy Halloween Party Menu ideas I found online and posting them all here so I never forget them. These are not my original ideas but I did find them on various sites and these are the best ones I've found for this year. Hope you like them. If you have a cute idea leave me a comment with it, so we'll always have it. If you make any of these recipes email me the pics, I'd love to see them.

Ducky Cupcakes

halloween duckies

Bake a regular batch of cupcakes and frost them with orange or green icing.  Top with a marshmallow rubber ducky for extra edible fun.

Eyeball Cookies
Spread frosting on vanilla wafers. Put one Life Saver® on each wafer. Place a chocolate chip in the middle of the Life Saver®. With the red gel icing, draw bloodshot lines on the frosting.

Fingers of Doom - Dessert

halloween spooky fingershalloween spooky fingers
Spooky pastry fingers with almond nails.

1 cup butter, softened
1 cup confectioner’s sugar
1 egg
1 tsp almond extract
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 2/3 cup flour
1 tsp banking powder
1 tsp salt
3/4 cup almonds, whole blanched
1 tube red decorator gel

Cream the butter butter powdered sugar. Mix in egg, and extracts until creamy. Sift and add the dry ingredients. Blend to make a soft dough. Wrap and refrigerate dough until it is easy to work with (about 15-20 minutes). Roll into a finger shapes about 3” long and ½” thick (They will rise when baked so make them smaller than you'd like the finished finger to be.) Place finger on lined cookie sheet. Using a butter knife lightly press a flat nail bed shape at the end of the finger and cut 3 lines in the middle of the finger to form knuckles. Bake at 325 degrees for 20-25 minutes. Remove from oven and let cool for 3-5 minutes. Put a bit of red gel in the nail bed and press the almond fingernails into the end of the finger. Tip: Make a small indentation into the end of the finger where it would've been severed from the hand. You can later squish some red gell in there to make it look like a bloody stump. Makes 2 Dozen cookies.

Bloody Fingers - Salty Treat
Prepare your usual recipe for meatballs, but instead of making typical round meatballs, roll them into long fingers. Carefully brown the fingers, and serve them with your favorite spaghetti sauce for dipping.  Add fingernails by putting slivered almonds near the tips.

Jack-O-Lantern Face Pizza

halloween pizza
Make a Jack-O-Lantern face on frozen cheese pizza or ready-bake dough by using pepperoni slices and other ingredients. Arrange face ingredients and cook pizza according to manufacturer’s instructions. If you're using dough, you can shape the dough to make it look more like a pumpkin instead of the perfectly round circle.

Witches Brew

halloween skeleton cups
Mix up your favorite green or red punch, then pour the concoction into skeleton hand glasses or other Halloween-themed cups.  You can also fill glasses and cups with red, green, orange or black candy and use them as decorations or Halloween party favors.

Cemetery Cake

halloween graveyard cake
Create a 'graveyard scene' on a sheet cake by adding Peeps®-shaped ghosts, pumpkins and cats. The 'graves' can be made out of chocolate dipped wafers, or any oval or circular-shaped cookie.

Worms In Dirt

halloween worms
In individual Halloween-themed cups, place a gummy worm at the bottom, and then fill half way up with chocolate ice cream.  Sprinkle crushed Oreo’s™ at the top, and add a few more gummy worms to make it look like worms are crawling out of the top.

Creepy Cake

halloween creepy cake
Bake a regular cake and frost it with orange, black or green icing.  Decorate the cake with gummy worms and candy eyeballs.

Brain Dip

halloween brain dip
Fill a plastic brain mold with a pretty pink shrimp dip for the ultimate gross-out grub on Halloween. Recipe

Spiderweb Guacamole

halloween spider dip
Make a batch of your favorite guacamole, then use a piping bag filled with cream cheese to draw a spider web on top of the dip.  Place a plastic spider on top for a good scare.

Pumpkin Dip Bowls
Hollow out a few mini pumpkins and place dips & salsa in them. You can also hollow out a large pumpkin, line it with plastic wrap, and put chips or other foods inside.  Plus you can use markers, stickers or paint to decorate the outside of your pumpkins.

Orange Pepper Jack-O-Lantern

halloween orange pepper
Hollow an orange pepper and draw a Jack-O-Lantern face on the side. Fill with any dip or cheese and serve with crackers as a tasty appetizer. if you decide to carve the face out, make sure it is thick enough that it won't ooze out.

Halloween Sucker Display
Hollow out a small pumpkin and stick suckers in it.  This makes a great table centerpiece.

Pumpkin-Shaped Food
Use a pumpkin-shaped cookie cutter to stamp out cookies, sandwiches, and cheese slices to melt on burgers.

Pigs-in-a-Blanket or Mummy Dogs

halloween mummy dogs
Wrap little smokies in crescent rolls, then after baking, garnish each one with a Halloween pick instead of using regular toothpicks. And add some eyes using mustard on the actual smokie for an added spooky effect.

Candied Apples
This is a fun new twist to carmel or chocolate dipped apples. Instead of using a popsicle stick, use an actual stick! Go outside and pick some good strong sticks, make them the correct length and shave off the end. Clean the end if you want but remember the part of the apple it's stuck in does not get eaten.

Witch Hat Cookies
Ice a cookie with chocolate frosting and place a Hershey’s Kiss in the center to make a witch hat.

Candy-Filled Hands
For a fun party favor kids can take home, fill plastic hand-shaped goody bags with a variety of Halloween Candy.

My Fave! Chocolate Pretzel Wands

halloween wands
½ package of Ghiradelli Bittersweet Chocolate Chips
Package of Pretzel Rods
Halloween Sprinkles
Microwave Safe Mug
Parchment Paper
Cookie Sheet

In a microwave safe mug melt the chocolate chips (you want to use a mug so that when you dip the pretzel rods, the chocolate will go about 1/3 way up the stick). Dip pretzel rods in chocolate and sprinkle them with sprinkles over parchment paper (you can also roll the sprinkles if you prefer, but you will use a lot more). Lay on cookie sheets lined with parchment paper until chocolate has hardened.

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  1. The pastry fingers are my favorite. Those look awesome. We need to have an awesome Halloween party this year and make some of those.

  2. I have to say the fingers are my favorite! I love them! I'm so sad that I'm going to miss your house this year!!! We miss you guys! Hope things are going well.... good luck with the names. That's one of the hardest parts I think- you got me curious as to what name you had picked out :) no good suggestions sorry :)