He Moved!!


So, today I finally felt our Bumpy move. It was amazing. It felt like little mini water waves. Not so much as pushing or kicking or punching but like a little water wave flutter. I can't explain it. But it made me soooo happy to finally have felt him and recognize it as a baby movement than any other kind of movement. LOL. I can't wait to feel more movements as he grows.

So, I think we finally settled on our baby's room style but not exactly sure how to describe it. We want to design a room which will look like you just walked into a color comic strip, Snoopy style. Not saying that we want Snoopy everything or want Snoopy to explode in our room but more like a comic strip style. So, bright solid fun colors and outlines for clouds, trees and things. I hope I am making sense. I'll have to upload a drawing of what we think the room will look like sometime soon.  Anyways...we're so excited. Still thinking of names. never thought it would be that hard.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.


  1. Horray for boys! They are so sweet and lovable. I am so excited for you guys and am so glad that you felt him move. I never feel my babies until I'm 20 weeks. I think boy names are 10 times harder than girl names so good luck. I'm sure you will find a super cute name. Congrats Congrats!

  2. That is exciting that you felt him move!-It definitely makes things feel a little more real once you start to feel the baby move more. Soon, he will be moving so much that you wish he'd calm down a bit, especially when you're trying to sleep!ha! Hey, sounds like a fun room idea! If you guys want me to ever paint anything for it, whatever you would like, then let me know!....

  3. YEah that is so fun. That really makes you feel like you're not just gaining weight but helping a little one to grow! So much fun. TY used to go crazy when we'd watch UFC or loud music. It's fun to see what they react to! see you in a few days

  4. Linda! You're a blogger?! I should have guessed.

    First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy! I was so excited when Jeremy told me, but then got so swept up in life (this summer was crazy) that I never called you! Sorry! But I really am so happy for you and Clark. Isn't it amazing to feel movement? It really makes it feel like you're really carrying a baby inside of you! I hope you're feeling well enough to really enjoy this stage of your pregnancy. It's my favorite part.