Fuzzy Thumping


Today I saw a brown truck again out front and had to warn my Mommy-moms that someone in brown clothing was coming to attack us again and to be prepared to fight. I was ready. She didn't seem the least bit worried and wasn't even getting a knife out of one of her secret hiding places. Maybe she knows karate and doesn't think she needs it.

The brown clothing attacker approached the door with a box (as usual), it dropped it on the porch, set off the alarm and ran. I think it's a bomb!!! I kept telling Mommy-moms to run for it and take cover but she is so naive. I don't think she understands me, maybe it's because the last time I told her it was a bomb it wasn't. But this time it is. Instead she seemed very excited and ran to the door, as if it were Daddy-dads coming home from his daily 9 hour scooter ride, and grabbed the box quickly. She opened the box without being careful at all. Hasn't watching all those movies taught her anything?

She pulled something out of the box, something weird and with a cord. Cords are bad, there are cords in bombs. She told me it was a "baby heart beat monitor." I don't know what that means. She then activated it and it started making some fuzzy noise and then she was touching her belly with it. WHAT!!! Don't put it on Bumpy(ie) it'll kill it. Oh no....but then the weirdest thing happened.

I could hear Bumpy(ie)'s thumping even louder than usual, through the other end of the device she was holding. Here's a picture of it, does anyone what it is? I hope it's safe.

All humans have a thumping or pounding sound emitting from their chests. But when Mommy-moms got a bumpy(ie) I could hear 2 thumping sounds. I usually lay my head on her belly to hear Bumpy(ie)'s thumping. It's faster than regular human thumping sounds.

Okay, so this thing makes Bumpy(ie)'s thumping louder. Why would she need that? I can hear it just fine. Even though we don't need it, she looked like she was really happy about it. Almost as if she's never heard it before. Oh well, I guess now I can hear it with the bonus of fuzzy sounds too. I bet Daddy-dads will be mad she got another useless thing.

Well, luckily for us it was a false alarm this time and I was worried for nothing. I guess I'll go back to my normal routine of napping and keeping a close watch on the door.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.

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  1. You are hilarious! I love that you bought one of those...I may have to borrow it for next time! ;)