Our "Prom"



Doba's Founder, Jeremy Hanks, was nominated for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Utah region. Some of the employees and their spouses were invited to attend the special black-tie gala event at the Salt Palace in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah. It's such an honor to have Doba (the company Clark's worked for over 5 years and even helped start) in the top list. We got to dress up and I was finally able to get Clark a new suit. He looks so hot! I told him it would be "our Prom." I never went to my senior Prom and I'm so glad I didn't because I had more fun with Clark than I would have with anyone else. Only thing missing at this event was some dancing. I kept calling it "our prom" because we got to buy ourselves some new fancy stuff, and we've never gotten to do that since our wedding. Much more affordable than renting a dress, shoes, tux with shoes and vest. Now we can go to another "Prom" later. LOL

These are just some pics we took of our friends sitting at our table and then after the event was over. We didn't get any with Jeremy because he had to go take pics with the rest of the big wigs. (Unfortunately, Jeremy didn't win, but it was so awesome that he was in the list with all of the other big shots, it makes Doba seem so much cooler and puts their name on the map.) Click here to see the pics on Flickr and order prints if you want to.

Linda Winegar

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