Emergency Preparedness


So we’ve just been called to be the Emergency Preparedness Coordinators of the ward. We report to the Bishop. (We’re BIG time.) LOL  It was interesting because I had finally been getting into a routine for updating the HFPE.org site and getting the fliers ready and questionnaires tallied for the new year, then I got released. It’s what they always say. Don’t get too comfortable in church because you’ll be moved and made uncomfortable.  I really did love being the Enrichment Leader. It was so fun to organize parties and get-togethers and meet the sisters of the ward. Mary has been called to be the new HFPE Leader and I know she’ll be perfect & better for the job. She’s always so nice to everyone and everyone loves her and always wanting to help. I’m excited for her. :)
I’m also excited and feel a bit overwhelmed to learn a lot of new things with our emergency preparedness calling. I’m usually the one that wants to be prepared for anything because, “anything can happen” so it totally fits. Clark is great with budgeting and getting prepared for our future so he’ll be awesome with that aspect. I’m glad we get to work on it together. But I do have a lot to learn about preparedness because I am the biggest procrastinator. Here goes!

Linda Winegar

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