So I made a website to track all of the activities our Relief Society was having for 2Q & 3Q of 2007 (www.hfpe.com). (I don't even have a picture of the site anymore cause I am uploading this post on 8-16-2008 and the site's been down since I no longer have that calling and I tried looking for a pic but don't have one.) I had a lot of fun building this one. It’s a bit complex with the different categories or classes we were having. RSS enabled and everything. :) Sisters can register to post comments and even subscribe to the posts via email too. We’ll see how it works.
I used CommunityServer for the platform/program and then just customized it to look better for us. I wanted to use a different color scheme but I guess green will do. Pink would have been the best!

Linda Winegar

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