New Year’s Resolutions in May


I’ve decided that from now on I’m making my resolutions in May, May 26th to be exact. It’s my birthday and I’ve decided that it carries more significance to me. I mean what is January 1st to me? Just some day a pope decreed to be the first of the year. Well I refuse to let my goals be influenced by papal decree anymore! Off with the chains of papal oppression that yoke me! From hence forth, my goal making will fall on the most important day of MY life—the day I came into the world.

Plus, making goals in January has been clinically proven to be ineffective. The evidence is overwhelming, and I have the results to prove it—just look at the success rate of all my past goals. I feel I’ve thoroughly tested that method and now it’s time to put something else to the test.

I won’t share all of my May new year’s goals here, but I will list one: write more in my blog. Now, motivational speakers, spiritual councilors, and business professors all agree, goals must be specific. I guess I can see where they’re coming from. Based on my recent track record, for me to write “more” in my blog would only require me to post something every six months. Therefore, my goal is to write in my blog at least three times a month.

Yeah, it’s a pretty pansy goal since three times a month is almost nothing, but you should see some of my other goals. I’m gonna be too busy with those to have time to write in my blog all the time.

Happy new year’s to you and good luck with your goals. Also, please comment with any methods you’ve proven successful in your own personal goal setting.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.