Free Shipping Promo Part 2


FedEx is sneaky. We ended up not receiving a discount like we originally thought. Basically this is how it works:
Total of a week's shipments = Specific discounts on a tiered chart.
Discount is applied the following week.
Ship 100 orders 1 week and get a 5% discount for the following week.
Ship 50 orders that week and get 2% discount for the following week.

Now you would think they were the weeks in which you are shipping. Instead they are discounting the shipments when they are billed, which ends up being a couple weeks if not 3 weeks after they have already shipped. So the discount for the 1 week which I did a ton of orders was actually discounted a month later.
if you understand this you're a genius. I still don't get how they can do that.

Needless to say my rep doesn't know how to explain things either, because she said the week I was vamping up my shipments would determine my discount for the rest of the year or life of the contract. Not true. So make sure you ask a lot of questions before you run a free shipping special. :| At least the customers were happy and that's what really counts.

Linda Winegar

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