14yrs - 26 yrs, What a difference!


I can't believe I'm 26. What an amazing year it has been for me. I can't wait to see what my 26th year will bring me. I really liked year 25. :)

Clark made me an awesome breakfast this morning. Yummy! He's so good to me. I really don't deserve him. But glad he's mine.

Took Clark to work and then went to Postnet to drop off some packages. I tried to call my dad "Papito", but no one answered.

My grandmother "Abuelita Olguita," is an awesome woman but she can talk until your ear falls off or more realistically, until your cell phone bill exceeds $500 for the week. Anyways, I called her so that I could make sure she didn't call me when I was busy and she read to me a card I sent her in 1994, when I was 14. Here's just a bit of what it said:
"Dear Abuelita,
Happy Birthday! I'm doing good. I have taken dance but I am not taking it this year because I'm busy. I get A's B's C's and 2 D's in school. (LOL 2 D's) My hair has passed my waist. I am 5' 4.5" and I weigh 107 lbs and still skinny (the good ole days when I thought I was skinny). Jonathan is walking and he's 1." (Kind of selfish, I didn't even ask her how she was doing.)

That's about all of it that I can remember. I can't believe I once thought I was skinny. I haven't thought I was skinny for about 6 years now and I've only increased 14lbs in weight since I was 14. I guess that's pretty good considering I'm married but I guess it's not all muscle anymore. Lets see if I can keep it up in the future. Anyways, I thought that was funny and had to write it down so I didn't forget. I still like to dance and I guess I don't go to clubs anymore because I'm busy. It seems like I'm always busy. :)

I packaged a lot more orders and went to ProvoCraft to pick-up more products. Then went to FedEx to drop off more packages and went to pick-up Clark by 5:35pm.

We then went to The Old Spaghetti Factory and to watch Firewall in Provo.

Presents I got from Clark were:

1. Sweet New Digital Camera - Mine was old and only 2.1 Mega Pixels
2. Magnetic Metal Tins - Will use these to experiment some ideas for the store.
3. 1 GB SD memory Card for the camera. Really excited about that.
4. Wallace & Grommet Short Films DVD. I'd only seen the movie and thought it was way cute because Wallace is like Clark and Grommet is Plato. :)
5. My favorite present of all was just to be able to spend time with Clark.

People who called me or I called:

* My Mom - Sang to me.
* Abuelita - Sang to me.
* Clark - Sang to me.
* Becca - I can't believe she called me. She's sooo busy. But I'm glad she called. I miss her and the boys.
* Nermin - LMOM I was sad I missed her call.
* Uncle Luke - Sang to me.
* Papito - LMOM

Accomplishments during the 25th year:

1. 4th year of Marriage
2. Finished the BOM by 12-31-2005 as the Prophet instructed.
3. Went to the Temple almost every Month - Much better than the 24th year.
4. Improved Scripture Study & Daily Prayer
5. Not jealous as much.
6. Stopped biting my nails but started picking my lips with my new nails. :(
7. Quit working outside of the home in Jan of 2005 (so I was technically 24)
8. Continued to run my own Business
9. Processed and Shipped out over 766 Orders.
10. Created my Business Outline
11. Fidjiti became a member of the CHA
12. Went to 2 scrapbook manufacturer trade shows
13. 1 Round trip to Las Vegas in the same day.
14. Bought a Mac Power Book Laptop
15. Straightened my Hair more, thanks to Nermin's sweet flat iron that she gave me for my B-day.
16. and more...

Anyways....what a great day. Being 26 doesn't seem so bad right now.

We'll see what this year brings.

Linda Winegar

My greatest blessings call me Mom.